A Comprehensive Guide to XR Technology for Fortune 500 Executives (PART 1)

Table of Contents Introduction A Note from the Author Every now and then there is a wave of technology that flips our relationship with the world upside down. Some waves are bigger than others, some let you know that they are coming while others don’t, some seem huge and then they end up being small.  […]

The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating Deep Technology Partners

In today’s fast-paced business environment, enterprises are continuously seeking to improve their operational efficiency, optimize product offerings, and enhance customer experience. In doing so, they must leverage deep technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, blockchain, and machine learning, which offer advanced capabilities and competitive advantages. However, deploying deep technologies requires specialized […]

What Is Deep Tech? (the keys to unlocking the future)

Deep tech is a product of fundamental science and innovative engineering. Deep technologies typically disrupt the existing market and because they offer new infrastructures that enable applications and products that will make a new, differentiated, and visible impact on people’s lives.