Tech Partnerships for Enterprises

Actuate is the fastest way to discover and leverage the most disruptive and bespoke technologies for your business.

Save time

Reduce time spent on searching for the right startup for you and filtering through companies.

Find the right fit

Reduce time spent on searching for the right startup for you and filtering through companies.

Faster results

A faster, easier, and more fitting partnership with disruptive technology that will solve critical challenges or help you go to market faster

Actuate solves the problems enterprises face with harnessing disruptive technology

Filter faster and easier

With so many technologies available, endless dollars and hours are wasted navigating through the noise. Actuate will help you get through the clutter and discover which technology is best for your company. 

Compare what matters

The work doesn’t stop after hundreds of Google and Angel searches. Comparing and evaluating the potential startup partners you found is time and energy consuming. Actuate will go deep for you so you don’t have to.

Clarify your go to market

It can be frustratingly time consuming to keep up to date with new technologies and learn how to harness them. Actuate will help your organization anticipate, clarify, and navigate these complexities, leading to growth and revenue.

Actuate’s supply of deep tech comes through partnerships with leading universities, venture capitalists, and accelerators

Discover your technology strategy today

and solve internal challenges faster

Actuate's team has experience helping amazing companies with their growth

Technology types

Actuate’s sweet spot is accelerating the following deep technologies

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



Dedicated Hardware

Our platform works in three simple steps:

Step 1 - Create criteria

Use Actuate's research backed frameworks to create weighted criteria that will be used to find and evaluate your ideal tech partner

Get clear about what you need

Step 2 - Review options

Review Actuate's objective assessments of the best candidates for your defined criteria

Be analytical while saving time and frustration

Step 3 - Partner clearly

Actuate will structure and define the steps to facilitate a partnership so you get to signature faster than ever before.

Get clarity and start boosting revenue

Discovery at the deepest level

Actuate will show you where you align best with your potential partners

Start your journey to find the best technologies for your business

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